Social Shift

Documentary Post Production

Project Description

8,500 Kilometres | 50 Interviews | 14 Cities | 9 Provinces | 6 Weeks

Travel with us as we drive across the Nation, floating on a geographic canvas of consumption and inequity, kindness and generosity, and most of all, a drive for change.

We will share the stories of fired-up citizens adding a different type of value to the world through business: social value. Value that is not only economic, but improving people’s lives and bettering society builds communities, protects the environment, supports local, and employs people of all abilities. A type of value that lives up to the responsibilities that our world and future rely on. Hilarious, informative, and heartfelt—this is a journey that will leave viewers inspired, engaged, and ready to contribute to making the world a more inclusive and sustainable place for all.

Current worked with Common Good Solutions through the full post production process, completing the edit, color correction, audio mix, and delivery.


Post Production


AVID, DaVinci, ProTools