Documentary Post Production

Project Description

Sickboy follows 29-year-old Jeremie Saunders as he lives openly with Cystic Fibrosis and devotes his life to removing the stigma attached to chronic illness and disease.

The film traces the efforts by Jeremie and his best friends, Brian and Taylor, to create a podcast that seeks to change the way people view serious illness, like brain cancer, depression, and epilepsy. With a shortened life expectancy, Jeremie has shown his friends that laughing about the absurdity of his illness can take away its power—their podcast carries forward this notion and has a transformative effect on its thousands of listeners.

Current worked with Dream Street Pictures and CBC through the entire post production process, completing the offline and online edit, color correction, sound design and mix, and digital delivery.


Post Production


DaVinci, ProTools, AVID