Project Description

When you get a brief that starts with references to Kubrik and Space Odyssey, you stop what you're doing and dive in. This project sought to capture the essence of zero gravity and show of the versatility of the new Asics line-up.


Fabricated Rotating Running Wheel with Video Screens and Projections, Production


AfterEffects, Fabrication


Digital, Production

The team had four weeks to design, fabricate, install, and film the outcome of this project. The 30' rotating wheel provided the stage for two dancers to put Asics to the test, while a 40' custom backdrop delivered 75 different responsive visualizations with LED rings on the wheel. The outcome was filmed - directed by the talented duo at Lobster Eye - becoming the brands global film content for digital and broadcast.
In the timeline, we knew that we would need options on the day of the shoot. We pulled in a few friends, including Deyan, and created 75 unique visualizations that could be easily changed in size, shape, color, and speed, during the shoot day.
The greatest challenge of the experience was the wheel fabrication. Once we designed the concept and function, we worked with the talented team at ARCH to fabricate this beautiful structure. It was built with the ability to travel in the future for live use.