Project Description

For the global launch of the Samsung S10, Current collaborated with Refinery29 to build three interactive art installations that used the power of visitors, their senses, and the unique features of the Samsung S10. The interactive exhibits launched in London at the Samsung Beyond pop-up, followed by Dubai, Hong Kong, Berlin, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, and more.


3x Interactive Experiences that Communicate with Client Mobile App and Biometric Inputs


Node Server, Unity, OctaneRender, ProTools, Intel RealSense



Each interactive art installation invited people to power the environment with their own biometric data—their heart, their sight, and their voice. To capture the experience, the S10s unique camera features were integrated into the experience to deliver the best photo moment and easy social sharing.

Field of Hearts

Field of Hearts

Field of Hearts was biometric infinity room that connected peoples heartbeats to the glowing field of fiberoptic cable and to each other. As heartbeats pulsed across the field, the sequence evolved with the energy people put into their own movement, interaction with the field, and with each other. Eventually both people's heartbeats align and form a new field of energy creating a spectacle perfect for the wide angle camera on the Samsung S10.

Sonic Radiance

Sonic Radiance

Sonic Radiance uses the human voice to expand the world around the guest. A mirrored room changes in light to become a window into infinity responding to the pitch, volume, and phrasing of the human voice.

Ocular Odyssey

Ocular Odyssey

Ocular Odyssey provided a completely unique perspective to highlight the resolution and focus of the Samsung S10. Through computer vision, we isolated the eye from a guests photo taken onsite. The experience then live renders the eye into a kaleidoscope of light, as if passing through a diamond. Fragmented mirrors create the feeling of being inside the kaleidoscope and peering into the universe within.